Home run or Base hit?

Dated: 07/26/2018

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What are you looking for in your flip?

Every Spring and Summer like clockwork I start seeing TV ads and radio ads for investor seminars and workshops.  All too often they are filled with empty promises and false hope. A few years back my wife and I saw one in our area featuring "Flip or Flop" stars Tarek & Christina so we went. They played a prerecorded 5 minute video of Tarek & Christina, then gave us 20 minutes of valuable information then proceeded for 2 hours to try to sell us on their investor network program, coaching, and tax lien sales program.  They were giving the audience hope that we can invest very little in real estate and walk away with hundreds of thousands in profit every deal.

Since attending that seminar I've noticed a pattern every year of first time investors coming to me looking for that "Home run" deal.  Unfortunately here in the Sacramento Valley we are flooded with investors and the days of getting that home run on every deal and profiting $100k+ is over.  Now the strategy is base hits, profiting $20-40k per deal.  I know it doesn't sound to appealing but with supply and demand where it is, that is the name of the game. An investor doing 1-2 flips a month can still make a great living. 

So what kind of investor are you; the home run hitter or base hitter?

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